[12 Meters and stalling] City Vertical

Vistas can be limited at 3 to 4 floors above city streets. Momentarily this is where I am. It is approximately 12M up where days catch light, filtered between adjacent buildings. Window to window, adjacent is just a glimpse through the pane. At moments attaining higher elevations, I remember what I miss most about views; about being able to see beyond the immediate.


City Vertical

PM hours San Francisco
10 minutes of notice
Step back to obscurity



Tokyo Photo: e. reeder

The city is always reminding us what we already know;
building upon itself.

A form of reductive layering, continuously cancelling what was previously expressed to expose an ever evolving position.


I sometimes imagine time collapsed.

What if possible to catch a glimpse of the city in overlapping, successive moments of occurrence? An amalgamation of the infinite variables which transform the city from day to night, year to year, and back again. For example, a light on in a window in an instant may at the next moment be off. A partially cracked door in place where once stood a solid wall. Each of these and any 'position' of things, in relation to everything else, is constantly shifting and changing our perceptions of experience in the city. If only possible to view all of these instances collapsed in one momentary vision; a single point in time. Although as impossible as it seems the city is never truly the same twice on any given occasion.

So why the unwillingness to change? After all, the city is about change on an infinite scale.