condenCITY_93 modern perspectives

In 1986, the father of Korean modern Architecture passed away during the peak of his career at the untimely age of 55. Last year (May-July 2011) a retrospective exhibition of his works titled 'Dense Modernities' opened in Germany to the question- would Swoogeun Kim ever become globally known for his transformative contributions on the Korean peninsula? Perhaps in time the answer will emerge more definitively but for now, his aura remains predominantly domestic.   

Swoogeun Kim completed over 200 works in Korea and abroad. His fledgling practice began controversially at Buyeo (south of Seoul) for the design of the national museum seen in the above images. The museum stirred controversy in its reflectance of what critics saw as Japanese influence. Having less than two decades separation from the end of Japanese colonial rule, the suggestive, if not symbolic design of the museum was enough to raise discontent. Still, Swoogeuns vision prevailed and today it stands testament to willful evolution. 

The impassable homogeneity of Korean 'architecture' as it was, prior to modernizing efforts- Swoogeun forged a broadening vision- metaphorically and experientially. Carving away at the 'mass' he commanded views beyond borders. Swooguen looked to the outside and in doing so, brought a sequestered culture and population with him. His architecture remains to this day a model for resonant perspectives.

Un-condensed rural 4.0

In Time
The crevice accepts the water freely
Feeding the undoing of everything 
Wood remains in decades wake
Hands Mark- stained by touch
Foot steps
In time
The house of aristocrats
The house of passing glances.