Ai Wei Wei “Love the Future” (爱未来)

Image courtesy from the web BBC

The detaining of artist and activist Ai Weiwei by the Chinese government earlier this week has sparked nations and citizens from around the world to demand his release. Outspoken in his views of the Chinese government, Ai's work has come to represent a national conscious, stoking awareness of human rights. The son of one of China's most revered poets, Ai himself has in his 30 year career gained a cult like notoriety with installations and works spanning media and continents.  He is well remembered for his collaboration on the Beijing Olympic stadium with Architects Herzog and de Meuron but perhaps more importantly his efforts to expose the recklessness of a government against its people upon the completion of the project. 

His recent disappearance is sure to solidify his persona and one might speculate his personal agenda in awakening the suppressed spirit of a nation. This could be his biggest work to date.