Architecture and memory

"If you could see what I've seen, with your eyes"

R. H., Bladerunner 

Local re_action

photo credits: L. Coar

As the saying goes "think locally" truly takes root in actions which do just that. My good friend and colleague, Lancelot Coar guided his University of Manitoba students in the re-use of materials from an abandoned school house in the rural town of Clearwater, Manitoba. Over the last two academic semesters students demolished and preserved wood planks and boards from the early century school house, slated for demolition. Through recent months students then designed and constructed from the salvaged lumber various installations which, were relocated within the community of Clearwater. Students devised a bridge, gazebo and community space, giving back to the small town where the empty school house had left off years ago.


June 6, 2008

As many as one million protesters have erupted in the city of Seoul in direct response to recent trade policy changes with the United States. Korean citizens have been incensed by the national governments bow to US trade policy by admitting US beef older than 30 months into Korea for consumption (which by the way is not allowed to be consumed in the US under FDA guidelines). The newly elected Korean president is currently under intense pressure to renegotiate the deal with US trade policy makers.

What has grabbed my attention is the collective Urban voice (not new to Korea) and passion about standing firm for social safety and well being in a concious society. The city of Seoul has become in recent days grounds for change and action against the decisions of few.

The streets can speak.