condenCITY_88 forgotten cities

798 Beijing, China

Industry represents the seeded beginning (and inversely at times, the cataclysmic end) of a cities life. As we look into the 'The Forgetting Machine: Notes Toward a History of Detroit'- definitely worth reading by the way- in regards to the industrial miscue of what Detroit, Michigan has become. 

Not everywhere though are places, so defined by industry, as ill-fated or so forgotten. Shouldn't we in the very least hold ourselves accountable for the invariable damage inflicted upon the very environments of such places? Remembering must therefor be part of the equation. 

Remembering must overcome how we have chosen to forget. 

condenCITY_87 south of somewhere

caught between sky
and building

Where manufactured lives

and packaged dreams
In production like
Weight rises
and always falls

Here time
is covered
In atypical fashion

South of somewhere