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Density (in cause and effect) establishes collective centers of mass production and exchange. The two are inextricably linked by necessity and to the extent that one without the other ceases to exist. These neighborhoods of highly mixed conditioning, often rely on central masses- large scale infrastructures that power a local economy.  Centralized in form, these megastructures are characteristically simple and redundant, yet what spawns around them is more intricate and complex; neighborhoods that have emerged freely and organically. Density takes peculiar shape out of a self guided will. 

By example the Pyonghwa Market in Seoul, extends for more than 600 meters in length. It is predominantly a textile clothing market with a few other intermixed programs and functions. It is supported by a host of services and residence who have taken root around it establishing a symbiotic situation.  It is by nature a kind of machine in the denseness of Seoul. A cog in the larger picture of things.

Density is constructed around urban 'cogs'.