This 80th year the 25th of April_08

In honor of Cy Twombly

80 years of creating history
Thank you.

Un_Condensed: Vegas

The hardest of 'On's'. An American climax of double standards.

It exists as our truest and most revealing of feelings on consumption and contempt for a planet. With the planets acceptance of course, Vegas is more global than anywhere. There is no need to look beyond. It all exists in Vegas as a replicated experience of what urban experience can be; reconstituted in one linear 'strip' for the sensational gratification of immediate pleasures.

What is the future of this place so completely unsustainable yet growing uncontrolled in such a delicate environment? More significantly it's impact on the planet as a model for place making strategy in other global locations (specifically Macau-Cotai in Asia-the Vegas of the far east) ?


Photo credit: B. Trannel

Somewhere between Asia and North American time is form making. Nothing more or less. The process of my 'making' has little to do with place, culture or even reason. Just because we can, there you have it. A fast made architecture for ultimate consumptions. Sometimes as Architects this is what we are faced with, like it or not; a commercial expectation that feeds us. 

As environmental designer's we must argue for compulsory connections (in the very least) to context and to nature. This should be fundamental in going beyond building commodity exclusively. I like to imagine our architectures now as multi-generative; energy producing (renewable sources), mixed-function structures of entertainment / trade/ multi-social class living opportunity. An amalgam of functions extending beyond singular objects, while acknowledging greater social and environmental concerns. What form would this take in the city? First considerations must look beyond form-making as a generative foundation for architecture and the city.

Space, experience and environment need to be intertwined.