condenCITY_84 above and below

Faux-fotos capturing real "insta"-moments. I have begun to photograph Seoul above and below ground in a series of images, quickly capturing the reflected half of the city; a metro system, experienced daily by thousands and yet receiving little attention as a place of destination- or perhaps even consideration as active public space. The Seoul metro is a place of passage where most commuters rarely take pause. The series can be seen here at an instagram platform for viewing and sharing photo's, captured on handheld, mobile devices and networks.

condenCITY_83 cities in-between

The Kaesong Industrial park in North Korea is located 16 kilometers north of the DMZ and South Korean borders. Kaesong, having opened in 2004 as a joint project between the north and south, now operates as a conditional industrial 'experiment' with productions of low-quality garments and commercial products owned by South Korean companies and with labor supplied at the hands of North Korean workers. Currently more than 40,000 workers populate the park with plans for more than double that over the next decade.

The industrial city is directly connected by train and bus to and from Seoul, making it the only active civilian link, between the two countries along the heavily fortified DMZ- although for the moment, visits by the general public have been halted due to rising political tensions. It is a place of transient existence, with a workforce shipped in for operations and then out when the factories close. It remains caught in-between, somewhere as typical industrial area, and yet suppressed by the decades old cold war stalemate still gripping the peninsula. 

But could Kaesong be a staging ground for more? 

Kaesong presents the possibility of industrialization as a uniting force of disparate ideologies; bridging lapses and filling decades of void. It has become a delicate dance of divergent economics- precariously positioned as a model for unity in the oddest of ways. 

condenCITY_82 city depths

The depths of a city can be measured in anticipation; what may or may not eventually happen as a result of environmental oversight. In the case of Seoul, the engineered Han River, is a subtle measure of the city's depth. The negative elevations of which, have been excavated away, as a precautionary stance ensuring the safety of its citizens and investments. As contingency this city is intentionally deep.