Remembering Marker

La Jetee 1962, Chris Marker, Image source wikipedia commons

1921-2012 Chris Marker

Forever remembering time travel in black and white. 

Un-condensed rural 5.0

Western Lines

Tethered to the past
unrealistic futures ahead
It is vista
that feeds imagination
and blurs recent memory
This road is a place of endurance

My roots

A reflection of constant 
in Motion

Time has ancient wisdom here
Crosscuts before man
And after death
A series of lines
Carved in and suspended above earth
Structuring our west

condenCITY_94 temporary foundations

World expositions are an odd way, if not superficial method, of generating\ regenerating cities and urban areas in decline; a form of instantaneous urbanization and in the case of Yeosu, South Korea- the site of the 2012 World Exposition- it appears at face value as simple as adding water.  A maritime overture is interesting in reflection of the areas history but has repositioned the industrial waterfront for an uncertain future. Suggestive materializations today are the temporary foundations for tomorrow.